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Emergency Management Contracts

Cooperative Emergency Management Contracts

Provide first hand access to agencies that have developed comprehensive procurement process for Emergency and Disaster Recovery services

Comprehensive Emergency Procurement Solution

Procurement of goods and services during or after a Disaster/Emergency can be very difficult and can expose the agencies to potential non-reimbursement for not following the FEMA policies. In an effort to streamline the procurement process, many government agencies are using cooperative contracts so that they are getting the best value and protection. However, even after the agencies have added many services to existing contracts, and are creating new contracts every day or using cooperative purchasing units to satisfy the emergency needs, there is a huge void to communicate with contractors during emergency. To help both, government and vendors, Bid Crawl has developed powerful tools so that the agency can communicate with pre-approved cooperative purchasing contractors with just a few clicks. All you will have to do is, Register with us -> Request a Quote from pre-approved contractors -> Get contacted.

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Collaborative Procurement Service

Request a Quote from more than 2K Pre-Approved Government Contractors!


Easy and less than 5 minutes to Register! By having an account with us, government agencies will have access to thousands of contractor records that they can ‘Request a Quote’ from and for vendors, it will significantly increase their sales by providing government opportunities, spending analytics, contract downloads and private projects.

Request a Quote

Billions of dollars of products and services are processed through cooperative purchasing agencies every year. We will help government users to procure, and contractors to sell through already competitively bid contracts using our “Request a Quote” option.

Get Contacted

Get hundreds of responses from vendors who are industry leaders in their specific area based on services provided, contract status and geographic location. View quotes, profiles, and reviews, and then hire the right contractor that’s right for your agency.

Bridging the Procurement Gap

Powerful application that provides thousands of buying agencies access to billions of competitively procured goods & services.

Over 10 Billion Dollars of product sales are done through various cooperative purchasing agencies across United States of America. Bid Crawl will help you with opportunities to do business with multiple coop agencies and increase your sales by providing new leads. Our easy to use website will give you access to manage more than 20,000 contacts and access to thousands of pre-approved government contractors. Our top-notch system will not only provide you options to request and respond to quotes, but also allow you to view several agencies spending and purchasing trends, download contract documents, track activity and efficiently manage all aspects of government procurement, all from one central location.

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Note: Bid Crawl is not affiliated with any of the public, private and/or cooperative purchasing agencies. The tools are developed only to make it easy for the users to easily contact vendors, contractors and/or public personnel to conduct further business.
Bid Crawl provides several key advantages that will help increase your sales.